Fabricio Dantas



PhD in Law from the University of São Paulo


Doctor in financial and tax law from the University of São Paulo. He holds a law degree from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (1998) and a Master in Business in Petroleum (MBP) from Coppe/UFRJ (2009). FABRICIO is a professor of business and government at FGV EBAPE and a state attorney based in the Office of the State Attorney General of Rio de Janeiro. He is a partner of the law firm Vinhas e Redenschi, a member of the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo chapters of the Brazilian Bar Association. FABRICIO represents the state’s treasury in the Taxpayers Council of the State of Rio de Janeiro, a member of the Instituto do Advogados Brasileiros (Brazilian Lawers Institute), where he occupies a permanent seat on the Financial and Tax Law Commission. Former deputy executive secretary of the Brazilian Ministry of Finance and former deputy president of the Council of Treasury and Fiscal Policy under Minister Joaquim Vieira Ferreira Levy. Former attorney of the National Treasury. FABRICIO has a background in law with an emphasis on financial and tax law and oil and gas regulation.

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