The Center for Competitiveness and Innovation Studies (CECIN) is an initiative of the Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV EBAPE). It develops applied research on competitiveness and innovation, fostering cooperation of projects with researchers and public and private organizations nationally and internationally.


The center focuses on competitiveness and innovation with a purpose aligned with FGV EBAPE’s mission of reaching the highest levels of relevant academic production and being recognized worldwide as an important think-thank.


The general objective of the Center for Competitiveness and Innovation Studies is to become a Brazilian and Latina American reference in applied research in the fields of competitiveness, efficient public management, economic studies, public and business innovation, creative industries, and the experience economy. This should be manifested as follows:

• Development of applied research to build knowledge for areas related to competitiveness;

• Development of cooperation with world renowned research centers;

• Publication of its research findings in internationally recognized academic journals;

• Publication of white papers to influence decision-making in public administration;

• Promotion of training programs to disseminate research on competitiveness;

• Obtaining resources to increase high-level research at FGV EBAPE and other FGV departments.


One of the most relevant themes on the global public and corporate policy agendas and evidenced in several sectors is increased competitiveness at different levels.

Expanding or maintaining competitiveness is linked to the organization’s ability to renew resources, create new products and markets, and carry out a continuous flow of innovations. It is worth remembering that competitiveness is a dynamic phenomenon, a strategic resource that needs continuous renewal.

Thus, it is crucial that companies and countries continually develop capabilities and resources. Innovating and breaking the situation of inertia represent a challenge to all current managers.

In this sense, the Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration created the Center for Competitiveness and Innovation Studies to promote national and international research on these themes.